Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Teaching, No Harder Call

I think it's safe to say that teaching is not for me. At least, teaching high school is not for me. Teaching high school in the South Central Jungle is not for me.
I'm not entirely sure how it came about but I have become the assistant Academic Decathlon coach at Tarzan's high school and the whole environment is mind boggling. SO VERY different from what I remember high school to be. I don't know how he does it every day, all those teenagers with the angst and language and disrespect and total lack of understanding of anything. It's amazing that this is what is graduating from high school. I don't see how they can function in real life.
The team is fairly okay; they seem to like me, mostly because I make them treats and take them places. But I might have to pull out the authoritative stuff if they keep goofing off like they were on Wednesday. The 'real' coach goes on maternity leave in a little over a month and I am the continuity between her and the substitute, heaven help me. But that means I will have to help them write and memorize their speeches, grade quizzes and generally keep moral and enthusiasm high for those six weeks.
Oy to the vey.
I went to college for five years and this is not even close to what my degree was for.

This is me and I am exhausted.


Anonymous said...

I share your amazement when I reflect on the history of my own hubby teaching high school and middle school for 43 years. Good teachers are gold, in more ways than the society they serve can imagine.

RHM said...

I would suggest bringing hockey gear. Best of luck to you. But yeah, do what you're doing, and then multiply that by 8 hours a day 5 days a week. I'm usually weak at the knees getting home. At least your kids are mostly wanting to be where you are. And oh, you may be going toe to toe with Harper kids in AD...we apparently have a team this year.

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