Thursday, September 09, 2010


Does anyone know where I might look to find the plastic piece that goes between the blade and the holder on my Zyliss hand chopper?:
It's a great kitchen gadget but I can't use it right now. I've looked in the cupboard where it lives, the one next to that, all my utensil drawers and it's nowhere. ATL wants to blame the kittens but that seems too random.
This is me and it's possible my dishwasher ate it.

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Rocketgirl said...

I was missing part of my blender and looked EVERYWHERE - especially the dishwasher. I scoured it! But in the end, I found it in there 3 days later. Dishwashers are tricky, tricky things. I have one of those chopper thingys from Pampered Chef - you can have it if you come and visit ;)

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