Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Re-Installation Fun & Games

That was a long and arduous process.
That Google error I mentioned on Friday? Turned into a very large problem, what with finding and deleting certain items that were preying on certain vital items, like my desktop access and my Internet drivers.
Enter the blue screen of death.
In the end it became a bigger problem to fix the missing pieces than to just reinstall my operating system. Fortunately this time I did not have very much stored on my computer that needed to be retrieved before reformatting my hard drive. What I didn't count on was not having the right drivers on my re-installation disks to get on back on the Internet and get all the updates that are necessary. Skip ahead to my getting on Tarzan's computer and trying for three hours to get the first of six drivers to download to my flash drive so I could connect and fix everything else.
In the end it did - obvi, since here I am - but starting at 11am this morning my computer has been restarting itself non-stop installing updates. One hundred and ten updates thus far. I am sure there will be more.
In the down time though, there has been quite the flurry of activity. People in the hospital, the kittens, my computer issues, Dancing With The Stars. It's a madhouse over here.
All will be posted on in a timely fashion - although the finale for DWTS is tonight and we will all know tomorrow I will finish out my commentary. No worries there friends, no worries.

This is me and that's a lot of updates.

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