Tuesday, May 04, 2010

You Don't Love Me Anymore

I was whining this week how I don't get many comments on this blog - though apparently people are following - and Tarzan suggested it's because I don't post anything significant except about Dancing With The Stars. (I believe "your blog is inconsequential" was his wording)
And while you compose your astounding comments I'll tell you what I thought about this week's performances.
Erin's quickstep was good. Fast, precise and they didn't get too ridiculous with Maks taking his clothes off. Amusing but not ridiculous.
Tony's instructions were amusing while helping Chad with his waltz and I noticed a difference in his lines. He was stretching bigger. He needs to work on his rise and fall and he's not certain of himself enough to know what to do between moves, his transitions need help but it was nice. Cheryl's dress was a tad scandalous yeah?
Nicole's waltz was lovely. Derrek does a great job choreographing the dances. But she didn't look like she was enjoying it. She smiled twice but most of the time she was concentrating so hard her brow was furrowed and it looked like work.
Pamela's waltz was lovely too. Not as technically correct in her feet perhaps but soft and nice. Her hold wasn't great and she didn't point her toes. The lift will (should have) cost them though.
Niecy's quickstep was well orchestrated. It seemed smaller than other quicksteps but her feet were great and she has a good time when she dances. Her dress was great too. If she made any mistakes, no one could tell.
Evan''s Argentine tango had some great lifts - which are allowed - but it could have been sharper. Maybe he's used to gliding from one movement to another in skating and not cutting steps short. It wasn't my favorite dance of his but clearly the judges thought it was awesome. I loved that they danced to "Bust The Windows Out Your Car." That's a great song.
The team cha-cha routines were interesting. The Ga-Ga team did not have their unison quite down. Pamela looked like she was not quite caught up when they broke for solos, half a beat behind, which was disappointing. Maybe it was her hair in her face? I was surprised at Chad's strength and his hips. His solo was really good. Nicole was not as confident as normal but she can shake it when necessary.
Team Madonna was also good, different tone, more fun and bouncy than down and dirty but it was good. Evan is just very long and skinny and he needs to get down into his Latin dances without losing the frame. Niecy could have been faster and I think she missed a step near the end. Erin was good but they didn't spend a lot of time together so it was odd.
The results show was respectable.
The team cha-cha was an understandable encore routine. Not understandable is the fact that people remember only the last thing they see and that's why Erin was in the bottom two. Her cha-cha was not the greatest and the viewers voted on that rather than her quickstep.
Train did okay with their musical performances. Do they always sing reggae or was that just for tonight?
Cirque de Soleil's tribute to Elvis was pretty dang fast and awesome. A little less death defying than I usually expect from their stuff, but fun and well done.
It was sad, but not surprising that Pamela was the one sent home this week. Everyone is good now so it's all a shock. I'm having a tough time voting.

This is me and my next great post.


Elizabeth said...

:) Sorry, I don't comment as often as I should...I do read every time you update, though. I actually skim through your analysis of DWTS to read what you have to say about Evan...I am a big fan of figure skating, so therefore I am a fan of him. :)

Tarzan O'Grady said...

Hark I am wounded, 'tis but a scratch! Your blog is more or less a drama free zone. This safe, dependable, stable sort of environment is not as likely to provoke people into commenting. I like safe, dependable and stable. Beauty too. Also tasty is a big hit with me. Just as you are.

RHM said...

Aw, Tarzan, even if we only come here to read about Jane's version of DWTS, we're regulars.

Rocketgirl said...

You vote? I'm so lame, I watch shows and then complain about how the votes went... but never do it ;)

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