Wednesday, May 12, 2010

One Week Old

We - meaning myself, Tarzan AND both the kittens - have made it through their first week and other than Spike's very scary pneumonia thing, it's been pretty good. They eat, poop, sleep and then repeat about six times a day. I am not sure if this is the case with all kittens, or just mine because I am not a real mother cat, but I have to wake them up to eat. This is clearly insane behavior when you have a human baby - because if they are asleep, one does not mess with that - but these kittens don't seem to have a routine to establish or disrupt. Once they are stuffed full they fall asleep. Ofttimes right off the bottle and down on the bottom of the box they call home:
It amuses Tarzan greatly to watch them eat themselves unconscious.
And there they lay for three to four hours.
When they wake up they don't hold still very well. These are the best pictures I could get, right after a nap this morning. Chubbs:
Who has put on a quarter of her weight since last week. The Internet says they're supposed to double their weight in the first week it but both veterinarians we saw this last week didn't think it was a requirement for healthy growth.
Who fell behind the eight-ball but has rallied nicely I think. She's barely heavier than she was at birth but that may change now that she has energy to eat.
They're both girls, by the way, according to one vet. That may change, it's really hard to tell at this age.
This is me and it's a good thing I picked gender neutral names.

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Rocketgirl said...

I say the last sentence deserves a spot on your awesome one-liners. You know I can't stand animals but those are so friggin' cute! I actually like holding kittens, but taking care of them?? That's just terrifying. You da man.

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