Tuesday, May 18, 2010

If You Don't Know Me By Now

Okay, so kittens and Dancing With The Stars. It's a small niche but it's all mine.
Revelation - during the opening sequence the camera panned to the orchestra and the vocalists were actually singing the "buh, buh, buh" of the theme music - which was tres interesting. I always thought it was a trumpet or a percussion instrument.
Erin's waltz was pretty but not perfect. I think I've mentioned my dislike of pants on the women, in part because it shows the flaws far more than a nice skirt would. Like when she wobbled in her spins and shuffled her feet.
Nicole's Argentine tango was pretty awesome. I didn't like her half a dress but they never ask me about costumes clearly. The steps were precise but at times the emotion was lacking in her face. That's all I can criticize.
I really think I might throw up with all the effervescent emotions spilling out on to the floor. I thought the exit of Jake would take the tears and sniffles off the show. It would seem not. The next competitors will slip and fall.
Chad's waltz was very nice. It was a little flashier than I think of when I think of waltz. And I didn't think his rise and fall was all that but he didn't screw anything major up so that's good.
Evan's foxtrot was really good. I felt it was almost frantic in a few places but he kept it under control well enough, his smile was huge and Anna's dress was gorgeous.
Erin's paso doble did not start out well - Len was sure to criticize the opening - and I worried about her lack of a skirt but it came together when they got off the stage. I was amused when Maks fell over at the end.
Nicole's cha-cha was good I suppose, but not to my taste. Again with the pants - and in that color too, even if it is to a Prince song - and the solo with the chair was dumb. It's pretty much a given she will win now, no matter what she does with the remaining dances.
Chad's samba was a good effort. He's so tall that it sometimes looks awkward. Especially during his solo bit his arms had a tendency to flap but his six pack abs were very distracting.
Evan's paso doble did not lack for emotion. Man. I hope Jonathan was not watching Evan dance with his wife. His solo was possibly the longest and best of this group. His cape work was excellent and I really loved the dance. Anna looked awesome again and Evan managed to put his feet down like he meant it which is hard for the celebrities to do.
The results show was quite varied in talent this week. All the way from great university dance teams - go Utah Valley University - to not quite as good - sorry Rutgers.
Then the musical guests. Sarah McLachlan was good but I thought it was odd to run those two songs together. I wouldn't have minded having her perform twice. And Miley Cyrus not only Can't Be Tamed but she can't walk in her high heeled boots. The history of the professionals was fun to watch and I could not be happier with the three celebrities who will be dancing next week. I am pretty sure it will be Nicole first, Evan second and Erin third but I don't care how it comes out now.

This is me and that's all she wrote this week.

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Rocketgirl said...

Ug, Miley in heels? Clomp, clomp. Hey, why don't you put together your DREAM list of DWTS contestants, who you'd loooove to see on the show??

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