Tuesday, May 11, 2010

I've Got You Babe

As the Dancing With The Stars season comes to a close I remember previous seasons that have had good elements and not so good ones. Here we are with the two-dance-a-night section, including the choose-a-decade portion. Which I find to be a little problematic. What if the dance doesn't match the decade? Each of these dances has developed over time, becoming popular when the music was right or getting a new twist. Sometimes they just don't match. One can't really waltz to 90's rap you know?
Chad's tango was really dramatic. I think he may have missed step or two in the middle of it. It looked awkward there for a moment. I do have to give him credit for progress. He has really grown as a dancer throughout this competition. Cheryl must have some sort of fixation with her back. She never has a back on her dress and she's given up a skirt too apparently.
Niecy's waltz was lovely, very lyrical. I thought her arms flapped a bit, especially at the beginning, but it flowed really well and it was pretty. She could be sharper with her feet, sometimes she shuffles through the steps but nice.
Erin's Argentine tango was really good. I liked the emotion and the commitment to the dance. Her feet and knees could have been sharper, faster and she lost her balance twice but still, I think it was one of her best dances.
Evan's waltz was interesting. It didn't flow like I thought it could have, especially with that song. I think his feet missed something at one point, and their emotional connection was touch and go. Did he just feel Anna up, there at the end?
Nicole's foxtrot was full of tricks and amusing bits but it didn't give me a lot of foxtrot. Maybe I'm a traditionalist but I thought there could have been a little less kitsch and a little more technique.
Chad's jive - from the 60's - was fun and funny. He sure embraced the decade if not the dance itself. His knees should have been higher and there could have been more kicks and flicks but we have already discussed my dissatisfaction with the dances not matching the decades.
Niecy's paso doble - from the 90's - was much more dramatic and powerful than I expected it to be. I worried about her feet not being fast enough, and they weren't, it was very unsteady, but she embodied the persona very well and put her whole self into it and I have to give her credit for that.
Erin's rumba - 80's style - was more appropriate than I anticipated. It went with the music, she didn't mess anything up and she and Maks did it well together. Seriously, who thought up the clothing for the 80's? Where they still stoned from the the 70's?
Evan's cha-cha - from the future - was freaky. Why is the future always portrayed android-y and devoid of emotion? He did well, it matched the theme and his steps were good. It's a good thing he didn't need to show emotion in it because there wasn't any and it worked.
Nicole's paso doble - from the 50's, don't even get me started - was really exceptional. Derek is just a really great choreographer. It was impressive. The attitude, the musicality, the movements.
My prediction: Nicole's gonna win this whole thing, Evan will come second and it's a toss up for third place. I would like it to be Erin, but it could be any of them.
The results show was hilarious - mostly because of DanceCenter with Kenny, Jerry and Len. Love them. This is one of the best things that happens at the end of a season.
The Gypsy Kings as the musical guests were quite adorable. Not even speaking the language I could listen to them for a long time. Very easy, friendly music.
The university ballroom dancing teams squaring off was a new trick. And not a totally retarded one. I like having different groups doing actual ballroom dance. The competition stuff is irrelevant for the demonstration models.
The UC San Diego samba was precise but a little to pose-y for me. I wanted more actual dance steps and not just pretty lines.
The Purdue team had a lot more dance content though they didn't move around as much. And in my 'I knew him when' moment I want to let you know I am not at all biased even though I used to date their coach when we were both at USC either. Of course I haven't seen him for years so I couldn't tell which one he was. I really hope he wasn't the bleach blond guy in the studio.
Again, not surprising, but saddening that Niecy went home this week. She was funny and cute, not a bad dancer and she certainly was not obnoxious which others have been.

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Elizabeth said...

Wow...talk about a connection! You dated him? craziness...

Rocketgirl said...

Heehee - you little minx! I love the "I really hope..." part. I always thought blonde men were just wrong. Or the super villan.

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