Thursday, May 27, 2010

Three Weeks Old

Week three is supposed to be monumental for the kittens, what with learning to walk, moving from the bottle to lapping milk, using the litter box...well, one out of three isn't bad I suppose:

They ARE adorable. Even Tarzan can't keep up the macho facade when they crawl over him, mewing and sniffing and looking at him with those big eyes. Spike has huge eyes:
I don't know if her eyes are actually bigger than average, if her head is small, if she's underweight or what but compared to Chubbs:
They're much more aware of their environment and are startiing to be awake other than to eat. They really like to walk off the table, into my hand or not, though when I put them on the floor they don't move around so much:

This is me and that's the update on the kitties.
Facebook peeps, you should come here to see the videos.


RHM said...

you know, every time the kittens looked over the edge, you would wonder if they were at all grateful for all the time and energy that you put in to getting them this far in life...just like the real thing when they go off on a tear you know?

Rocketgirl said...

HOLY CRAP. You know I don't really do animals, but kittens totally get me all squishy inside. I want to snuggle them!!!

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