Wednesday, May 26, 2010


As promised, though it is all over the Internets already, I give you my take on this, the last round of dancing with celebrities for the tenth season of Dancing With The Stars.
What is up with four, FOUR! dances per couple? I don't remember that from previous seasons. Two new dances each night is a lot to create and perform in one week.
Erin's samba was cute and fun. Her skirt had a life of it's own; my TV couldn't handle all the color and blurred it out. I thought it could have been faster but she was having a good time it looked like.
Evan's waltz was fast enough to be considered a Viennese waltz - but it wasn't - and it was very liquid, graceful and lovely. I would give it a perfect score.
Nicole's rumba was oddly staged I think, though that's not really a reflection on her dancing. It was an improvement over her last rumba, but I think her ankles still wobbled in places. Most women I've seen don't know how to walk in heels so I don't know why I expect famous people to know. Odd ending. I don't think I like the rumba as a dance so it's hard to judge it fairly.
Then we come to the freestyle set of dances which are always freaky, full of lifts - appropriate or not - and usually decide the winner of the whole show.
Erin's freestyle seemed shorter than other dances. It was odd that she didn't wear shoes but I liked it. It had some scary lifts but there was a definite connection between them and it was not all hip/hop/crumping for which I was very grateful.
Evan's freestyle was perfect for him and Anna. He being the gawky teenager, she the glamorous girl. Great song, great character and good use of jive I thought. The judges clearly did not but they have an odd sense of what makes a good dance.
Nicole's freestyle was interesting. I liked the quickstep bits, the costume changes were unnecessary but done well. I was really scared when Derek almost dropped her on her head at the end but she's still going to win it all.
And while we are speaking of winning it all, let's talk about the last show. The finale is always one of the best shows, in part because the whole circus is coming to an end I think, and because there are some great performances.
The opening number was highly entertaining. Not all in a good way though. Sad, sad, sad Kate Gosselin. So sad. It was as if she got dropped in the dance two seconds before the lights came on. Even Buzz looked like he knew what was happening.
The dance off was helpful I think - I am amused that they all chose a dance where lifts were allowed. I am also amused that they used the same costumes and music as before.
Nicole's Argentine tango was perfect as usual so I don't have much to say about it.
Evan was better than the last time he danced the Argentine tango I thought. He was much more powerful, more compact and less balletic. Really excellent. I thought they should have gotten the thirty points.
Erin's Argentine tango was good but she seemed more nervous than the others.
I am okay with having all the stars come back for the final show, getting to dance again, even a dance they've never done before - Buzz and Star Wars? - but why does Jake's fiancee get to dance? She was never a contestant. I don't watch this show to see two amateurs dancing with each other.
It was a safe bet to have Erin coming in third. I don't know how fair it is to have them find out they didn't win, watch an emotional video of their friendship and then have to dance again.
The university dance teams were back for their 'finals.' I was glad to see Purdue there, not only because I got to scan the audience once more for that friend of mine. (I saw him this time, right behind Tom Bergeron up in the mezzanine.) I have to give Utah Valley University the props for their samba number. Really sharp, much more difficult and great transitions. I think the camera guys need a lesson in formation filming. Focusing on a single foot or face does not help the viewing audience judge the synchronicity or lines of a group dance. But whatever.
As for the final, final dances. Nicole's jive was frantic fast and Derek was almost more hyper than she was. It was good, no question.
Evan's quickstep had a great song and he's good too, no question. I've always wanted him to win this thing and he's so cute.
No surprise that Nicole won it. SUCH a cheesy introduction and SO dramatic. Oy.

This is me and now what will I write about on Tuesdays?

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