Friday, October 23, 2015

Plus Nine

Aaaand boom, we're back to my life going by in a flash.
Eight days late for my birthday post...This has never happened.
(And what's worse, I am an entire week late with Rocketgirl's ode. I am ashamed.)
To begin, I laugh in the face of my last year self, promising to keep this blog current and all that. Some days I can't keep current with a shower, but really, it's because I'm lazy and it's much easier to watch this all day:
Than think of witty things to say on a blog. But I will try.
To sum up the last year, I turn to a quote from Rocketgirl, "yeah, it was a good year. No biggie, we just brought a human into this world and he's doing awesome stuff. Also, I made pesto."
And there you have it.
But of course, that's not entirely true.
In addition to bringing this human into the world my last year was spent thusly:
  • Feeding said human.
  • Changing the diaper of said human
  • And getting said human to sleep.
  • Tarzan and I took Cheetah on a plane for the first time for the wedding of a family friend.
  • ATL got married!!!! (There's a post I need to get written)
  • Tarzan and I celebrated 14 years of marriage. Which sounds like a lot but hasn't felt long at all.
  • I celebrated eight years writing this blog - celebrated it with a massive headache and little else apparently.
  • Helped PIT and MOY move into their apartment in Provo. (Another post I need to get on, hopefully before he graduates...)
Inevitably, most of the things that I did this year were baby centered. And my posts reflect that; sitting up, rolling over, "talking," playing, doctor's visits etc. Awesome though it was, it leaves me with a shorter list of items then in years past. Of course it's been a shorter number of posts this year too.
It's good to have goals.
But I did make this:
So I consider it a year well spent.

This is me with my own belated birthday.

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