Thursday, October 01, 2015

Early Morning Magic

Mornings are my favorite times. Often when I get up Cheetah will also awaken. I’ll hear him moving around in his crib but that stops as soon as he sees me coming. He’ll coo and smile as I pick him up. When I turn the light on he doesn't cry or get upset, he simply closes his eyes and smiles. Sometimes he’ll put his head on my shoulder which melts my heart. I change his diaper and he laughs like we’re playing. Its a very special time. Then I carry him into the bedroom and the magic is over. He sees Jane and gets very interested in breakfast very quickly. The day begins and I have to leave soon after for work anyway. But I will always remember these early morning moments we have together.
Such grist is what eternity is made of.

This is me, in for Tarzan.

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