Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Presenting Sitting Up!


So over the weekend Cheetah decided that he was going to sit up now. On Thursday he couldn't, but on Friday he could balance himself once we got him in position. This has opened up a lot of possibilities for him.  Now that he can sit up he can see much more of the world around him. Here is a picture I snapped of him at Primary on Sunday.
Have I mentioned what a piercing gaze he has? When he looks at you its like he looks right through you.
Now that he can sit up he can interact with the books that Jane reads to him. 
I can only imagine the connections he is now making in his brain. 
Being able to sit up also means that we can use shopping carts at the store and that Cheetah can use the high chair we bought him on Monday. My, things are changing fast!
Cheetah seemed to enjoy being able to sit at the table with us and it was interesting putting the chair together. Some assembly required with baby furniture is interesting. 

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