Thursday, October 29, 2015

Ode To A Flexible Woman

So, yes, this post is nearly two weeks late. It wasn't done on purpose but being late does serve to illustrate the point of the ode.
HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Rocketgirl!
Who is one of the most flexible women I know.
Rocketgirl drops to the floor or the couch in an instant to help a child with homework and reading, write a post, clean something or take a picture and then she's up again like a shot to cook, teach violin, piano, hold a family dance party, call a friend, serve in her calling at church, go to the library, shop or any one of a zillion things she does.
She welcomes new members of the family with open arms and nothing held back, be they her own children, nieces and nephews or in-laws.
She's had to move many times in her life - alone or with her family - states, countries and/or weather patterns away from her comfort zone. (One time she had a baby far away from everyone and everything she knew.)
She deals well - much better than she thinks - with changes and new situations. Even on short notice.
And she does it with a good attitude, plenty of humor and charm.
Every time.
I admire that and have tried to emulate her.

This is me hoping her birthday was all she deserves and wishing her a very happy year!

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Master P said...

I love you!!! And everything here is sooo right and wonderful (I am the BEST at being humble!!) except for cooking. I have gotten really good at just going ahead and buying dinner from the poor ladies at church who have babies or surgeries. They've suffered enough without having to eat my cooking... ;)

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