Sunday, April 01, 2012

Conference Resolve

Rather than New Year's resolutions, I have decided to develop General Conference resolutions.
Tarzan taught the Gospel Essentials Sunday School last week and the lesson was on the Atonement. I was impressed with his ability to explain such a complex event to those who are new to the gospel. And he summarized it well with this: Two things are an obstacle to us getting back to God. Physical death and spiritual death. Physical death is taken care of by the
Atonement of Jesus Christ.
No exceptions - we will all be resurrected - so no worries.
Spiritual death is also resolved by the Atonement - provided we make an effort to increase our understanding and try to be more like Jesus.
This is me trying to improve.
All the talks at the conference this weekend were good. Are there ever any that stink?
I was impressed with one talk this morning from Dieter F. Uchtdorf about forgiving others and avoiding resentment. I don't think I hold a grudge but I am a big advocate for justice and one point that he made was we need to be more merciful.
So I resolve to show mercy, help those around me and not judge why others are acting the way they are. One of the hardest things to watch but most important parts of this life if the ability to choose for ourselves what we will do. I have to not be angry or get frustrated when someone chooses different from me, different from what I believe to be right, different from what they may have just heard the prophet say, different from what they know to be right. It's part of life and learning.
I have to let them learn.
Myself included. I need to learn from a choice rather than be annoyed with myself for not choosing differently. Next time I will get it right.

This is me, promising to try harder to be good.


Anonymous said...

Among my favorites this Conference is the bumper sticker that was quoted:

"Don't judge me because I sin differently than you."

Master P said...

The talk I needed was Holland's about drinking the pickle juice. Too fantastic, I loved it ALL!!

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