Friday, March 30, 2012


I wrote once about the raccoons that were living under the house and eating the cat food.
I thought I had put in a bit about the raccoons heading out for greener pastures - more variety - and a possum taking up residence. (If I did I have lost it in the vacuum of the Internets.) Not nearly as cute as raccoons, we try and run the possums off whenever we come upon them.
It would seem that the possum has not departed.
More to the specific, since I have begun taking the cat food in at night - to prevent it being sucked down by the possum(s), that's right, there is more than one - the, I am guessing, momma possum has started venturing out during daylight hours to forge:As you can tell, the local felines don't care enough to attempt to scare it off despite the fact it's the one eating their food.Weirdos.
So I can't feed them outside at all now.

This is me and the things I have to worry about...


Anonymous said...

Thats one hugh possum ya got there.

Master P said...

It's an R.O.U.S!!!!!!!!

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