Thursday, April 05, 2012

Spring Break - Monday

Tarzan has Spring Break this week. (Lovely concept; Spring Break. I don't think I appreciated it enough when I was in school.) So I took the week off too. Not that I work like he does, but some time together is never a bad thing.And Tarzan had some big plans.First up, the yard.
Our yard has been getting a little overgrown lately - which I suppose speaks well to our ability to grow things though not for our trimming skills:Tarzan talked to one of our neighbors who was willing to help him dig up all the weed blocker - which we learned doesn't really block many weeds - fertilize the fruit trees - it's way late in the season for that, I know - and thin the succulent plants which were threatening the front porch foundation.I was in charge of finding a new ground cover, preferably something that doesn't need much care or water. It couldn't be too tall fully grown either, or too fragile because the cats like to sleep in the sun in the front yard and they inevitably choose the most delicate plant for a bed. These were the ones I decided on:I helped with the planting of the new stuff, but Tarzan and the neighbor did all the heavy lifting:If all goes according to plan, I won't think about the yard for six weeks and when I remember that it's out there, everything will have settled in nicely:
This is me. Here's hoping we didn't kill everything.


Anonymous said...

You picked some pernicious, hearty ground covers. In no time at all you will be ankle deep in GREEN stuff.
Looks great. That was a lot of work.
Well done!

Master P said...

That looks SO much better than whatever I've done with the plants at my place. You Californians all have green thumbs or something.

Mara said...

That looks great! Did I tell you we have a garden too? But it's a garden of weeds lol If we don't take some action soon, we will be receiving another letter from HOA.

Mara said...

Btw, have you used the ceramic planters yet?

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