Friday, April 27, 2012

Work Vibe

My work situation is not the usual sort of work situation.
Firstly, I work for and with family, so I know and care about all the people involved in the conversations I overhear. It's harder to maintain the professional distance that one needs as a personal assistant when I find out someone is sleeping with someone they're not married to, or so-an-so has cancer. But that's not what this is about.This is about the nieghborhood in which I work. It's a little bit infamous, a little bit fancy looking and it has a bit of a reputation. Aaaaand some odd sights.There are large numbers of vans with the roofs cut off tooling around, taking pictures of houses and hedges - albeit very nice houses and hedges:And nice pools and pool houses:These same vans of tourists take pictures of a police officer with a pulled over car JUST IN CASE it's a famous person getting a ticket. When the cynical drivers of the vans aren't schlepping tourists, they take a break:Other things I have seen while driving to, from or around the work neighborhood. If you need decorative ironwork:

This is me and it's never dull.


Master P said...

Okay, I know you can't blog such scandalous stuff, but you know you can always call and inform me... ;)

Mara said...

When one works with family is very hard to keep a professional distance. Because it's FAMILY!!

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