Monday, April 23, 2012

1,000 Posts

I feel like my 1,000th post should be monumental or substantial or significant somehow.
Now, I am a very practical person - I can get stuff done when asked - but I do not come up with the ideas so good. Party conception-ing just isn't my forte. So I asked Tarzan what he thought I should write about for my 1,000th post. He asked me two questions.
1. What I have learned from blogging?
An interesting question; I didn't plan on learning anything. I started this blog as a distraction, a way to double dip if you will; keep a journal as we are encouraged to do, for future generations and first person perspective on current society AND also to distract me at work when I felt like punching people. (Since I never actually punched anyone, I think it worked.) There have been a few other things to come out of the last 999 posts however. I have learned that I am funniest when I am not trying so hard to be. I have learned that this anonymity thing is very important if I am going to whine. I have learned how very important comments are, which means, I actually DO care what other people think of me, at least a little bit. I have learned that I get more comments if I ask a question. I have learned that I need to be way more organized and figure out a decent cross referencing system because the labels are not as good as it looks like they should be. I have learned that my life is more interesting when I share it with other people. And I have learned that I don't have to meet people to become good friends.
2. What do I hope to see in the future with/from the blog?

On a purely selfish level, I hope to see more posts and comments from myself and others, respectively. I hope that I get the chance to print out a hard copy, pictures included, to share with my mother who disdains the Internet, except for Skype, which she uses to talk to my sister on The Other Side Of The World. I hope that I will be more organized and consistent. I hope that I will make more friends. I hope that I will always be able to type so that I can share our crazy life with all of you.

This is me with my 1,000th post.


Mara said...

1,000 Posts? That's awesome. Congratulations!!I agree.Life is definitely more interesting when we share it with other people.I do follow your blog, just so you know but I 'll make more comments.I guess I could use more comments on our family blog too =)

RHM said...

Congratulations! I have made my leap from hardcopy from digital on my blog I only did the last 4 years of my main blog and it was quite stunning personally. Haven't actually printed it yet. It makes me wonder where I am, I don't keep good track of my posts. I should though. Happy 1000 Jane!

Master P said...

I have tons of friends who have printed out their blogs with and other things for that purpose. It eats your blog and makes a book out of it... I should probably do that soon too. And can I just say I am thankful beyond thankful that you blog?? I love you, sis!!!

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