Thursday, April 19, 2012

Pictures Of Spring

The winter has been wonky this year, random cooling and warming trends with no apparent rhyme or reason, so when Spring arrived it was a little muted. We did some work on the front yard but that was because of necessity and time available, not because of season. In the last few days though, I have decisive proof that time marches steadily onward:I am so excited so see the blackberries are growing well. I tend to overdo and then not do with my plants, feast and famine with the care if you will, but I recently realized that the blackberry vines are in a great spot. They get sun but not all day and not the harsh southern sun, when it rains it the roof from the shed doesn't drip on them directly, but they get a lot of water AND the dryer vent provides a lot of humid warmth and they like that. Of couse, so do the weeds.We have a few blossoms on the apricot tree this season, which I hope means that we might actually get an apricot, who knows. It got fertilized this year, which is new, and might have helped. Sorry, this shot is under-focused:And the sunsets this spring have been really awesome:I'm not sure why, it must have to do with clouds and the ozone layer and stuff, but it's really pretty.Completely random, spring is also the time that snails appear in the grocery store:Apparently. I have walked that aisle in the store a hundred times and not seen the escargot kit before. Oh yes, snails, shells and instructions:It's the complete package.

This is me recognizing the season.


Cathie said...

The thought of eating snails in general does not exactly make me hungry, but the idea of having to re-stuff them into their shells has just about done me in this morning. Thanks for the excitement!

Anonymous said...

Blackberries ALWAYS grow well everywhere and anywhere, all by themselves. And they are happy to take over everywhere and beyond! That is their nature.

Master P said...

Escargot in the stores?? I would so get that and then never make it. I do that sort of thing all.the.time.

Mara said...

I've never had escargot and that's something I'm not too crazy about trying out someday. Let's say it's just not that appealing to me. Don't know how those things can be so expensive.

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