Friday, April 06, 2012

Spring Break - Tuesday Through Thursday

Vegas Baby!
Tarzan and I had a "free" trip to Vegas planned - meaning we go, we sit through a vacation ownership presentation, they try and get us to buy one and they pay for our hotel - and Spring Break seemed like the perfect time to go:
As a tribute to
Rocketgirl I took a picture of my feet as we started out:I always forget how much Vegas irritates me until I get there. We're spoiled in the Jungle since cigarette smoke is almost completely forbidden where the people are. Vegas allows it nearly all places, including the casino floors which pretty much connect all other spaces - that being the point of Vegas and all - the casinos.There were A LOT of tattoos hanging out in plain sight and lots of nearly naked people. None of which made me comfortable to be there.The hotel was very nice however - we got to stay at The Jockey Club - and right in the middle of The Strip so we didn't have to drive anywhere.
And the weather was perfect.
Our first night we went to the infamous buffet at the
Bellagio hotel. So amazing. A tad pricey, true, but they had all-you-can-eat crab legs:Tarzan consumed his fair share. We discovered we like snow crab legs better than king crab legs. Who knew? We tried to sample everything and ate a ton but saved room for the adorable desserts:Check out the tiny little lemon meringue pies:After dinner we walked the beautiful indoor garden which helped clean the cigarette smoke from my brain:The lobby had a gorgeous ceiling array by Dale Chihuly:And another piece in the casino:This was all in the Bellagio. I was a little awed by the scale of all the different hotels. Each a miniature city almost. It was late by this point so, one quick look at the musical fountains out front and we called it a night.
We started out early so we could get a few things for my brother - he's serving his mission not too far away from Las Vegas - and drop off a care package at his mission home before we had to be back to the hotel for our mandatory presentation. It wasn't too bad. I hope this doesn't make us appear to be scamming the system or something but Tarzan and I have been to a significant number of these presentations and the timing has always been such that - like this time - we tell the sales guy that Tarzan just got laid off - always true statements - they feel sympathetic - Tarzan is very charming - and don't push the sale. So we get out fairly easy. We pick up our bonus gifts and the sales people like to discuss the state of education in the world with Tarzan. It's a win-win.
We toured about half of The Strip, finding all sorts of crazy things inside the buildings:Yes, those ARE wooden undies hanging in the window: And a first edition Book of Mormon: Told you it was crazy.
Dinner that night was at
Zine, an Asian place we were interested in, and then...
We had tickets to see BLUE MAN GROUP! Tarzan had been waiting for years to see this show so he was way excited: And it was a really good show. Totally random, the percussion was occasionally too loud and the strobes were a bit too much for me, but they were really funny and clever and I even learned some stuff, so it was well worth having to close my eyes for a few of the flashing lights.
We walked some more of The Strip before we checked out, then hit the road for home:
It's good we left early because traffic was awful nearly all the way, but we made it before the sun set, and despite the fun and the lovely hotel room, it's always nice to sleep in one's own bed.
This is me and Vegas Baby!


Musicallover said...

Wow! that was quite the trip. Those gardens were beautiful. Did you really go on a gondola ride?

Anonymous said...

Hope you had fun, sure looked like you did. The food looked fatting but appatizing. The gardens do look beutiful.

RHM said...

You know what happens was supposed to stay there right? :P Glad you guys just had a good time. So jealous, I've never been to Vegas save the airport on the way back for a 20 minute layover.

Elizabeth said...

Oh my gosh, I LOOOOVE Vegas...just went there the beginning of love love it! Glad to see you had a good time!

Master P said...

That totally explains Tarzan's random texts from that week :) The pictures are AWESOME, thanks for sharing! Two thoughts: 1. You guys are good. I can't say no to salespeople ever. Jared won't let me (rightfully so) attend home parties where they sell crap. 2. How long until mom and dad go to Vegas just to see the Chihuily (sp?) stuff? :)

Mara said...

This is me and I'm jealous!

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