Tuesday, August 02, 2011

The Internet Returns

Aaaaand we're up and running again. Woot!
I guess the router just got old and died. We called the DSL people and they rushed out a replacement and it started right up so we're good.
I haven't forgotten the travelogue - it's in the works - and our project in the back yard is almost done - we're waiting on a few more pictures.
Is it sad that I have nothing to report after five days without Internet? You know how some people are SO! AMAZED! at how much stuff they got done when the cable/Internet/TV etc. was broken?
Not us.
Either the Internet doesn't matter or we don't do that much in the evenings on a regular basis.

This is me, connected again.

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Master P said...

I couldn't get on the internet for a day last week because there was a HUGE spider ON the router and there was NO WAY I was touching that thing, even with spray. I didn't get anything done either, except for freaking out about the spider.

When Jared got home, he got Solei to kill it. I'm not kidding.

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