Thursday, August 25, 2011


In keeping with the week's theme of what LBO wants to be when he grows up, we went to the aquarium yesterday. Don't they look excited:

As we've all been there before and none of us is four, there was very little running from tank to tank screaming "Nemo!" and "Dory!" This is as effusive as LBO ever gets really:

Mostly we took pictures of the fish:

This is a cleaner version of where we were on Monday:

Tarzan's favorite were the sexy fish:

I liked the one trying to evolve:

The sea horses:

And dragons:


The stingrays were interesting:

The birds that would eat the fish if they could:

Sea lions that do get to eat fish regularly:

Do you think it's kosher for the local aquarium to serve fish in the cafeteria:

It was good, no fault there, it just seemed odd.

This is me looking at some fishes.

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