Monday, August 15, 2011

Newsweek Revisited

I have tried very hard to recreate my masterpiece of a response to Newsweek's article of a few weeks ago. It is not to be, so I will list only the salient points.
Dear Newsweek,
Regarding the LDS church,
  • WE ARE NOT POLYGAMISTS!! That practice went out years ago - shortly after it was instituted in fact. And that was one hundred and twenty-one years ago. Just because some weirdo with six wives claims to be of our faith, does not mean he actually is. It's like being barefoot. If you're wearing shoes it doesn't matter how much you claim to be barefoot, you just aren't.
  • Stop associating our church with that musical. Yes, it is named after one of our sacred books of scripture but we didn't sanction the thing and from all accounts, it gleefully mocks the faith and it's people. And how does any of that deserve a full page spread in an article about Mormons when NONE of the people in the picture are members of the church?
  • Lastly, the church is often the first organization to respond to a disaster, anywhere in the world and we most certainly do help any and all people in need. We do not restrict our help and assistance to only members of the faith.

    This is me, not yours truly,
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    Master P said...

    I love your BOM musical part. AMEN to that!!! We are super awesome, but of course, let's spend allllll our space on some mocking heathens. Balah.

    From Whence You Cometh