Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Scuba Luv

My youngest brother, LBO, came out this week to spend a few days before his and Tarzan's summers are over and because Tarzan found a cool local adventure for us.
You may remember Tarzan and I taking a
little trip earlier this year to an island just off the coast. This same island has apparently kept in contact because Tarzan came home one day waving a flyer, all excited about how we should do this. So yesterday morning we climbed in the car; front seat:
Back seat:And headed to the ferry:Once we landed we grabbed some breakfast at Joe's:And headed down to the beach to find the Scuba Luv shack. Scuba Luv offers a number of water adventures, scuba obviously, snorkeling, snuba and others:LBO wants to be a marine biologist when he grows up and seeing as all thee of us wear glasses and I am not the greatest of swimmers, we chose the SeaTrek excursion. We wet-suited up:They towed us out to the float - about 100 feet off shore - gave us a helmet and we climbed 25 feet down a ladder to the ocean floor. And we walked around inside our own little air bubble helmets. It was pretty fantastic. And for the first time in my life I could see! All other times I have been in the water I've had to take my glasses off and it's been one big blue/green blur. This time I could see the fishes and the coral, the sea cucumbers - which were way freaky to touch - the abalone, the seaweed. Several fish came up and looked me right in the face. We spent about an hour down there and it was awesome. Worth every penny.
My camera is not waterproof so the only images we have are the ones our guide took and we have to sell our first born to pay for but here you go. Pardon the "PROOF" sign across our faces.
We are numbers nine through twelve. (People have been kind and say I am exaggerating, but how can you look at those and not notice that I have no neck?)
After we changed out of our suits we went for lunch to Mi Casita which looked okay enough. Casual Mexican food. The portions were enormous and though I wasn't a fan of the house rice & beans which came with everything, the fish tacos were excellent and they served THE BEST HORCHATA EVER. Seriously.After lunch we chilled at the beach for a while:Wandered around the island and eventually took the ferry home again.

This is me and that was a cool day.


RHM said...

Leave it up to you and your sibs to try new things. Looked like everyone enjoyed things.

Elizabeth said...

Seriously cool day!! How fun! I think I'd be too chicken to do something like that...afraid I'd get stuck down there or something ridiculous like that! :) Fun Fun!! Enjoyed the pictures!

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