Friday, July 29, 2011


Just stealing a quick second here at work to let you know my Internet is broken - has been since Wednesday - but should be fixed by tonight or tomorrow.
I know you were crying in your pillows.

This is me, unconnected.


Elizabeth said...

Boo for no internets...hopefully that has been fixed by now.

(fyi, I totally didn't write that post to make you feel was more of an 'fyi, if you are around I would really love to see you' since I apparently haven't made that totally clear to a lot of people. I actually assumed that you were super busy and stuff. One of these days we will meet face to face!)

Master P said...

DUDE. THAT STINKS. Also, do you know this chick Kari?

Because that looks like your ward building to me. I could be wrong... but I'm oh so curious...

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