Friday, April 16, 2010

What's In A Dress?

As you may or may not know, Tarzan's brother, Phatfiddle, is marrying his adorable Liezel in June and as they are not eloping, we are invited.
The colors the lovely couple has selected are, and I quote "light blue/sky blue...muted salmon, and butter yellow. I was hoping that people in the wedding party would all wear light blue. The wedding bouquet, corsages, and boutonnieres would be with salmon and yellow flowers."
Sky blue is not a color I wear most of the time so the good news was that I got to go shopping. The down side is that dress shopping is a time consuming activity and Tarzan is not a shopping kind of man. ATL was busy with finals, end of the quarter, registering for her last one, end of school entirely, graduation, roommate issues, work, etc. so she was not available. This left me bereft of a shopping buddy - and one has to have a shopping buddy, it's the law.
I am fortunately related to Rocketgirl and she is the queen of Internet shopping deals. While perusing a site or seventy she came across a dress she thought would do well for me and sent me the link. Since I have a definite problem with the concept of only one - go ahead ask anyone - I found another dress on the same site and when I couldn't decide, Tarzan, happy to not be forced to shop said get both and see which one I liked better.
So I did.
And they came today.
I have two choices and one big problem. I need your help peeps.
Option 1 is the totally blue dress:
It's SO comfortable and light. I really like it, but is it not formal enough for a wedding?
This is the same dress on a model if you want to know what it should look like:
Option 2 is this multi color print dress:
I also love it but is it too busy? Remember the flowers will be salmon and yellow. Will I just become one gigantic corsage?
On the model:
Those are my two choices. What's your opinion? Should I send both of these back and keep looking?
(As a side note, WHAT is up with my shoulders? And why didn't I become a linebacker for the Raiders? I could have made millons.)
Now for the big problem: Shoes. What do I want? I love the silver ones on the model but what are the chances I am going to find a pair like that, in my size AND have them be comfortable? Unlikely. Should I get pink ones I will never wear again? Try for a beige/brown match, or blue? Yellow? So many choices. Should I decide on a dress first?

This is me and what do you think?


Rocketgirl said...

Okay, so I've been thinking more about how you fear the first might be too casual, and I think you should totally embrace that. Get a chunky statement necklace with some color and a cuff bracelet and some fabulous shoes, and voila, you are fancy casual. If you tried to wear small dainty jewelry with it, it would look out of place. Embrace the color! Here's an idea:
check out as it has the greatest jewelry selection for CHEAPCHEAPCHEAP.
Whatchathink? I think they're both lovely on you, but you are right, too much pattern will be too noisy methinks. You changed my mind on a dress I was going to get with pattern too on that point, so thanks :)

Rocketgirl said...

just more ideas... I don't feel like any of them are the "one" but they're the concept...

RHM said...

I like the solid blue one. More diverse, does what you want it to do and then some. You can do a lot more to dress that style up than you can with the floral print. Don't know what to tell you about the shoes. Best of luck.

Elizabeth said...

Solid blue...and they are right, easy to dress it up with the right accessories...too casual as is, so get some dressy statement jewelry and you are set.

Anonymous said...

I like the solid blue one too...and concur with all of the above comments on accessories for dressing it up. I am excited!

Anonymous said...

I like how TW is in both pics and the Bovine of the Western World is sitting there without a by-yer-leave or how-dee-do. Yes, the blue one ... with a little bling!

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