Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Bare Necessities

Last night was Movie Night on Dancing With The Stars. I'm not sure about the music selection but when am I ever? Stupid producers who have no idea what a good dance song is. Here's a brief recap for those who might care.
Niecy's jive was musically good and she is fun but her knees weren't high enough and her arms were limp.
Chad's quickstep was amusing - they all were amusing since I know the songs and was interested in how they were going to interpret each number - but his posture stinks.
Erin's jive was fun and fast and she and Maks are hilarious. Well done.
Jake's cha-cha was scary at first. I thought he was going to dance the whole thing in his underwear. Thankfully he did not. They let out a lot of secrets about costuming though, if people didn't know. Then there was a whole awkward moment in the middle where it felt like something was missing.
Pamela's quickstep - is 9 to 5 really a quickstep? - was not as quick as one might have expected. The bit up and over the chair was amusing and I loved her dress but I knew the opening was going to give them flak from Len.
Kate's foxtrot was not a real dance. She walks through every move and she still makes me want to slap her. And Tony is the nicest man alive. Truly, to put up with that each and every week, he's a saint.
Nicole's tango was very good considering. The producers must be smoking crack to think that Pretty Woman is a tango. It wasn't dramatic enough, or slow enough. Odd music choice but they did a great job. It was sharp and hit the music spots.
Evan's rumba did not make me love it. He was technically good - could have used more hips. His legs are ridiculously long and he's very sharp but again, the song was not appropriate. Too fast for a slow, romantic dance.
The results went down like this:
Nothing too fantastic in the musical guests, I thought the Macy's Stars of Dance routine was too short and I could watch Tony, Derek, Damian and Dimitry dance all night long. That was yummy.
In other news, THANK YOU, it is about time to send Kate home. Give her credit for guts or not the woman couldn't dance and from the clips they showed she had no desire to learn. She was on for far too long.

This is me and now I will have no one to bag on because I like all the contestants that are left.


Rocketgirl said...

OOoo, so what was it like when Kate was kicked off?? Did she cry like someone punched her in the face?? Because that would be AWESOME.

Jane said...

Do you know, she totally did and it was awesome. Not as much because of the crying but because she wouldn't stop saying how she was improving and how hard her life was and blah de blah de pukey blah.

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