Monday, April 12, 2010

Wait A Minute

You know, the rumba does not have to be disgusting. Just because it's a slow, controlled, and mostly romantic dance does not mean it's raunchy. Who decided that?
Jonathan was dancing with the wrong Anna, did anyone else notice that? But I, again, appreciated the professionals dancing what it SHOULD look like so it's easier to compare.
Erin's tango could have been sharper, it felt like she was a little bit nervous. Maybe she was worrying about her feet too much and not getting into the character.
Evan's tango had weird lighting but I did love Anna's dress. I also liked that there was so much content - it really was a tango - and not just a lot of showy stuff.
Niecy's rumba was very touching. She does not have the technique, especially her feet, but she does have the emotional involvement to each and every dance. It's an interesting contradiction.
Aiden's rumba was an improvement from his dances previously I thought. He pooped out a little at the end, maybe he remembered what he was doing and got nervous. I was a little distracted by Edyta's dress. Who designs her outfits? And how do they stay on?
Nicole had the same deal with her I-can't-really-call-it-a-dress. Her rumba was elegantly danced but she needs to move her hips more and I think her arms are supposed to be straighter at times.
Jake's tango was interesting. I liked his passion for it but he was too happy for a tango. It was both sad and amusing when he slipped on the heel lead and nearly fell. Sad because he almost fell, but amusing because the slip was during a heel lead and the judges are always harping on heel leads.
And WHO keeps voting for Kate Gosslin? Because I am not. Her tango was not that good. The best part was when Tony flipped her at the end. And nearly all of that was Tony. That man is sure earning whatever money he gets for this show.
Chad's rumba was amusing in a lot of ways. He needs to keep his head up when he dances - I don't know if it's because Cheryl is so much shorter than he is or what - and finish his movements. Also the feathers on the floor were funny.
Pamela's rumba was hot but she didn't do a lot of dancing. I felt that Damian danced around her a lot. And she was also wearing a sheet, which was weird but apparently normal for the rumba.

This is me and that's the dances for this week.


Rocketgirl said...

You know I don't watch the show because I'm perfectly fine with you giving me the skinny - and your opening sentence is GOLD. It made me laugh out loud!!

RHM said...

I want to see if they'd let the men run around in a Tarzan-esque loin cloth. Holy cow, what do they do to the women's costume? Dip them in a vat of acid for a few second?

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