Wednesday, April 14, 2010


Is anyone else watching LIFE on the Discovery channel?
Holy smokes does that camera crew deserve an Oscar or something.
It's an eleven part series about life on this planet, different species of animals and what adaptations they have developed to survive. It's not too over the top in narration - no pushing to "save the planet," or cease our use of fossil fuels - but it does mention man's touch. It's a close up, detailed look at some of the most interesting animals on earth. Even the bug one - and I do not like bugs AT ALL - was fascinating. The one fly that extends it's own eyes way out to compete with other males?
There's a section on fish, one on mammals, one of insects, one about birds, there are a few that mix it up. And at the end of each episode is a blurb about what it took for the camera crew to get the angles, the shot, how long it took for the animals to cooperate for the piece. It took them three years to film what was edited down to the eleven hours we get to see.
I am perhaps overly impressed but it's just insane to watch. Highly recommend it:

This is me, and that's some awesome television right there.

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Rocketgirl said...

You know what I dig the most is when you get to see what the camera crews went through. I'd like that survival show with Bear Grylls (sp??) way more if they showed what the camera crew had to do to get those shots! I saw parts of Planet Earth, I'll get off my duff and start recording Life too!

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