Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Breath Of Clean Air

It's not that I don't shower on a regular basis - because I do - but today I realized exactly how good it feels to be clean.
I haven't been feeling good that last few days so I've bummed around the house a little bit. Today though, I was feeling better so I got up, showered, put on clean clothes, remade the bed with fresh sheets and pillowcases and I realized that I felt really good.
Better than I had felt in a while.
Some of it must be because I don't feel lousy physically, but the sheer cleanliness factor was a huge deal mentally. I felt lighter, more awake, ready to work. I even opened some windows, washed a few dishes, did the laundry. It was awesome.
Aren't you glad when I share?

This is me and showering is excellent.

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Rocketgirl said...

I understand perfectly. But I have to be moved by a bulldozer to want to clean.. waaaayyy to comfy living in my own messes :)

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