Monday, April 05, 2010

Anything Goes

Can you believe they sent Shannen home from DWTS last week when there were so many other options? I was amazed and disgruntled. The stupid viewers chose her over Buzz who is sweet and a legend but can't dance and more to the point, over KATE who is mean and snarky and bitter and whiny and also CAN'T DANCE. Didn't even try to dance her routine. Shannen improved from her first week performance. Whatever her personal life she was getting better as a dancer, on a show called DANCING With The Stars. Uneducated masses should not get to vote. People need to put aside the tabloid magazines and judge only on the dancing. Annoying.
But it's done and it's a new week and so here we go.
Because two different dances in a night is not enough the producers have three tonight. I did appreciate the professionals demonstrating what the dances should look like.
Evan's quickstep was quick, which is the first thing, he needs to keep his knees together for the side to side thingys - I'm so technical - but it was fun, controlled and hopefully the viewers aren't retarded.
Buzz's waltz was touching and the story was very much there - war veteran coming home, daughter to greet him - but he's just old and he isn't a dancer.
Does anyone else want to vomit when Jake starts his "my feelings hurt" whining? Man up buddy. It's a good thing he dances fairly well because the attitude is irritating. His quickstep was not too bad, not as sharp as it could have been and he seemed hesitant in his footwork but fun.
Niecy's waltz was soft and lovely. I didn't see the controversy that was supposed to be going on, she tripped once or twice and I think Louis just outed himself, but I liked it anyway.
Chad's paso doble was not as powerful as I would think he could be. Put the foot down like you mean it. Boom! His arms were good and his feet were much better.
Pamela's paso doble was interesting. I think she may have missed a step at the beginning and didn't get it back. She tripped on the slide but the emotion was palpable and her lines were good and she didn't let nerves get to her.
Aiden was certainly trying hard in his quickstep. His knees were bent nearly always and that didn't look right. I don't know if it was the quickstep in general or just his but they seemed to skip around and then stop and do a move. Little bit awkward.
I didn't get the ripping off of the blindfold at the end of her waltz but the amusing part was Erin was a perfect dancer with it on. Her feet were awesome.
I have to give Kate credit for actually doing all the steps this time instead of giving up. She wasn't consistent enough. I only saw the anger when she tried to hit Tony and then she was weak and just walking, not dancing.
Nicole's quickstep was fast and fun but it didn't seem very quickstep-y. It was more of a jive or a jitterbug in style and performance but there wasn't a lot of dancing.
As far as Brook's hosting is going, she is asking better questions in the interviews but she needs to learn to get out of it faster - she keeps cutting people off. And I think she's nervous about it. She's been a host before yeah?

This is me and that's the night's dancing.

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