Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Brought To You By The Number Seven

This season of Dancing With The Stars seems to be running faster than any of the others - I wonder if it has to do with there not being an insane number of couples to manage? Or maybe because I am only commenting once a week? Either way, seven couples is a very manageable number. The down side is that I like everyone left so it's very hard to vote and the results will be sad.
Jake's samba was a very good effort. He was having fun - chest flex anyone? - and it looked like he was trying very hard to dance it full out. He needs to stop tripping over things but otherwise, it didn't stink.
Evan's samba, on the other hand, was smokin'. He has such long legs and arms that at times it looked almost like he was flailing but not. He could probably have pulled it in and be a little more compact but I liked it. And they had really good music.
Niecy's Argentine tango was amusing but her feet weren't as sharp and didn't snap like they are supposed to for the dance. It was cute though and I was highly entertained when Louis inhaled his cookie crumbs.
Erin's samba was hilarious for so many reasons and not all were intended I am sure. Her dress was weird, the ripping off of Maks' shirt was funny, the song was really good, the only thing I would suggest is she could dance with her feet a little closer together.
Chad's Argentine tango was really good, except it didn't showcase much of Chad. It's a dance all about the girl and the guy is the strong frame. So Cheryl did all the fancy stuff and he held her up.
Nicole's samba had great energy at the start - she busted into that dance like she was on fire and that outfit was nasty, like a shredded plastic bag - but she slowed down in the middle, it was like she forgot something. And I have to agree with Len on the finale sequence, it looked weird.
Pamela's Argentine tango was interesting. She embodied the dance, it was hot and sharp and intense, but her feet were weak. And that last lift was scary.
The swing - marathon, if three minutes can really be considered a marathon - was interesting. Makes me wonder where they get the budget for the costumes these people wear. I thought it was unfair to eliminate Jake & Chelsie first, they were doing well I thought, not just lifts but actual swing steps. Pamela & Damian were doing the same move over and over, and I thought it a bit of a cheat.
The results show this week was one of my favorites.
Despite her questionable wardrobe choice, I enjoyed Melissa Etheridge's musical performances. Plus it's always fun to watch the professionals dance full out. And the SportScience segment was awesome.
I was going to say that it was sad to see Jake and Chelsie go home but then he started crying and thanking the Academy. Dude, seriously. Be a man.

This is me and that's the week of dancing.

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Rocketgirl said...

Heehee - they made fun of him for crying like a baby later on the Soup. And that last paragraph needs to go in your top ten quotes!!!!!

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