Monday, April 26, 2010

Jet Plane Theatrics

Holy are you kidding me Batman?!
Four years it took us to build up 80,000 SkyMiles, FOUR YEARS, and in one fell swoop, and we weren't even buying a first class ticket, they're all gone. What kind of a game are the airlines playing? And how mean is it that they didn't tell me until after I had entered all our information, picked both the outbound and return trip flights, entered the credit card information that HA HA we're taking all your miles? Up until that point they had only declared how much it would be for ONE of us to fly.
I know, free miles, free tickets - well except for the taxes and fees and luggage and all that not free stuff. But they could have at least mentioned that the total miles redeemed was for only the one ticket so it wouldn't have been such a shock when I get to the Redeem ALL Your Miles page.
Stupid heads.

This is me and that was more than I expected it to cost.


RHM said...

Where are you 2 headed?

Anonymous said...

If Southwest doesn't go there, chances are good I won't either. The games other airlines play with their hide-n-go-seek frequent flier miles is enough to make one go postal. I admire your calm demeanor and English restraint under such circumstances.

Rocketgirl said...

I agree with anonymous. I'd have used some pretty questionable language as well.

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