Monday, March 08, 2010

Shout It Out

Shout is the greatest laundry product I have ever used. And I say this without receiving any credit from the company or any free stuff. (Though if the manufacturers WANT to send me some free Shout I certainly wouldn't say no. Have I mentioned it's awesome?)

Here's a list of things Shout has managed to get out of clothing: Wax - yes, my coat appears all better - spaghetti sauce, blood, grass, sweat, strawberries, straight up grime and grease. It really does do all that the commercials say it does. I have learned that the older the stain is the more soaking time it needs, but it will eventually come out. Which is awesome.

This is me and I love me my Shout.


RHM said...

I cannot resist: Does it make you want to shout? Throw your hands up and shout?

Dr. Data said...

You know, I never thought to soak with Shout. I'll try it next time we have a stain, which should be in about 3 minutes. (this is Reva)

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