Sunday, March 07, 2010

Oscar's 82

It's been such a busy couple of weeks, Tarzan and I nearly forgot to watch the Academy Awards tonight. Fortunately the DVR was not so preoccupied.
Of course, the DVR is stupid and doesn't know to record the ENTIRE show and not just the pre-determined time slot, so we missed half of the Best Actor presentation, all of the Best Actress and Best Picture segments. We sat through three hours worth only to miss the climax.
I feel cheated.
But only slightly cheated since we didn't see any of the movies anyway - we will eventually, we're just not as motivated to fight crowds on the opening weekend anymore.
These are my comments on the parts of the show we did see:
Did anyone else notice how gigantic the dresses were this year?
The speeches were really heartfelt and short. Do you think they were planned that way or that the microphone people were really on the ball and just timed the cut off at a good point in the winner's speech?
Alec Baldwin and Steve Martin were not as funny as I expected them to be. Actually, most of the jokes were stiff and not funny. We laughed hard at Steve Martin slapping Alec Baldwin when they were sleeping and I thought Neil Patrick Harris' opening number was good. I forget that man can sing.
I missed them not performing the nominated songs all the way through, as has been done in years past.
Harold Wheeler! The same guy who leads the orchestra that can play anything on Dancing With The Stars was leading the music for the Academy Awards. That was a surprise and a pleasant one.
If they were looking to raise the ratings I don't think this year is going to do it, but it wasn't too boring. Pleasant enough to have on in the background while I was typing emails for my parents' new house and getting pictures of my brother's new daughter. (Photos to come of all of that I promise.)

This is me and the Academy Awards were on.


Elizabeth said...

I only saw the middle part of the show, but I LOVED Ben Stiller...hilarious...

So...How far are you from San Diego?...I am going to be in San Diego for a few me...cellochice at

RHM said...

Yeah, I liked the show stopping numbers too and miss them, but if there aren't good songs to have show stopping numbers then I'd rather not watch them at all.

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