Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Doing A Jig In My Head

I am back - barely - and I am proud to say that I was part of a three person team who moved an upright grand piano out of a moving truck, down a ramp, across ten feet of sand, up a brick porch, across a threshold and into a living room - all without scratching anything, or killing anyone.
It was a moving miracle.
But that, and a large number of other things also needing to be moved, did a number on my arms, hands, shoulders, back, knees, hips, feet, and shins. Are there any parts left? If so they probably hurt too. So my celebration of the Green did not involve dancing.
Maybe next year.
I did not deny my ancestors however. I proudly displayed the colors:
Target, 2/$1.00. And doesn't my hair look really red today?

This is me, and Happy St. Patrick's Day everybody!


Rocketgirl said...

I'm impressed you were able to put that back there with the sore muscles! And speaking of moving, you are TOTALLY welcome to come out and help us move... when we figure out where the ^%$&^$ we'll be living!

RHM said...

glad you're back. Not so glad for the bruises, but I've got quite a few of my own today.

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