Monday, March 29, 2010

Fly Me To The Moon

Here we are again, Monday night, and what's with all the questionably famous celebrities and their extremely professional dance partners? None other than Dancing With The Stars.
Oooh, the secret is out! Nicole let it slip that the producers hand out the music. We've suspected as much but never been sure; now we know who's house to cherry bomb. Excellent.
Mark should have listened to Shannen when she said she wanted to do an easier routine and do it well because it wasn't all that. I thought it was slow - especially for a jive - not a lot of energy and her feet were heavy. What are the judges talking about?
Aiden just needs to man up, what was that "you're hurting my feelings" business? His foxtrot was a good effort but he needs to smooth his movements out. I respect Edyta to the skies but I don't know if I can vote for this guy.
Have I mentioned that I want Evan to do well? I think I did. So I worry when his jive started out awkward but it relaxed well enough - it was an odd song - and he seemed to have a good time.
Niecy's foxtrot was amusing, she certainly can bring the performance. It was smooth but I think she needs to be bigger. Her steps, her arms, it all needs to get bigger.
Jake's jive - why do they ALL have to wear high water pants to dance the jive? - was high energy and very fun. He missed some steps in the middle and his knees could have been higher but it was not bad overall. Chelsey's shoes were awesome.
Buzz and his wife are adorable and Ashly is cute and all of that but he is not a dancer. I really wanted him to do well at the smooth dances but his foxtrot just didn't gel. He forgot the choreography and Ashly had to guide him around the floor. The judges are being very generous with their comments.
Nicole was right to be nervous about her music - that was not a jive-y song. But it went well considering - she could have been more definitive with her arms, some of her moves were hesitant...A 10! Are they serious? Let's just scrap the next eight weeks shall we? Whatever.
Erin totally deserves a medal for that foxtrot - to that song no less - she was really graceful and soft with it and she did a solo too. I like her.
P.S. If they need help, I'd be happy to look for Maksim's bicep. Just sayin'.
Pamela is surprising me. I would not have thought her an adaptable person but there it is. Her foxtrot was spot on and fun and she WAS the character. Who knew? Does anyone else think Damian looks like Louis' brother?
Chad just needs to relax a little and he would do really well. His foxtrot was not as bad as the judges comments would suggest. He needs to finish his movements and r-e-l-a-x.
Does anyone else want to smack Kate upside the head? To be that whiny and shallow and then to turn around and not even put forth an effort in the dance. I really feel bad for Tony. He is too nice a guy to have to dance with that every week.
Tonight must be the night the judges let them get away with everything because they are being VERY nice. To everyone.

This is me and this was not my favorite week for attitudes. Oy.

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