Monday, June 08, 2009

Tony Awards 2009

I'm thinking of adding this guy to my list:
Cute, funny, and he sings. What more could a girl want?
All in all it was a good show. Angela Lansbury won, which is awesome. She's awesome. Lauren Graham's dress was excellent. (Did I mention Lauren is doing Broadway now? So weird. She's not bad, but it was a total shock to see her get up there.) The entire cast of Hair was insane - though I really liked Rock of Ages - Shrek was a little too green for me, and Billy Elliot won all over the place. Not too many weird speeches or political rantings. Or if there were then I fast forwarded through them.

This is me, and the closing number from the Tony Awards was my favorite. Hands down.


Lola said...

My comment to you has nothing to do with the Tony Awards (though I think it's cool that you watch them). In response to your comment on my little blog: The novel that it my present project will be nowhere near above your head. I'm not even using much Spanish in it. That's not the plan, anyway. I'm writing it under a nom de plume, because I have to safeguard my own good name for scholarly publications. I'll give you a heads up when I get the book deal (note my confidence).

Rocketgirl said...

I didn't watch the Tonys, but I LOVED the clip I saw there the man0skank Bret Michaels got clocked in the face with the set. HAHA!!

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