Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Making Some Progress

Tarzan and I are as concerned about global warming and self sufficiency and green living as the next couple. We just aren't as speedy in our reaction as maybe those other couples. We have finally got something done about growing our own food. I know, it's June, but since we live in The Jungle and don't really have a "winter," per se, or even a frost, there's no hurry to start the planting in March, or even May. So it's June and we finally planted some vegetables.
We didn't just plant vegetables.
We planted our vegetables in our new Topsy Turvy Tomato Planters. The whole concept of upside down wasn't what caught our attention, but the space saving aspect. We live in the middle of The Jungle. Our lot is 30' x 110' the house is approximately 800 sq. ft., the shed in the back is another 81 sq.ft and we don't have a driveway or garage - the lot is too narrow according to the city mandates - so we have to park both cars in the backyard. This greatly reduces the amount of space we have for a yard, let alone a garden or anything. We've managed to squeeze two fruit trees into the front yard but they can only be so close. The space constraint has been a conundrum for as long as we've lived here. But these hanging planters might be the solution. If the first two work out Tarzan has ideas of hanging them off the eaves all along the south side of the house which could be really cool. Of course I'd have to remember to water them every day...
Nevertheless, we got the first two up yesterday and we're kind of excited about it. It's certainly not as easy - or clean - a process as the infomercial would suggest but we managed. Getting the tomato seedlings into the planter was an interesting process - did you know that tomato stems are EXTREMELY brittle? I did not so oops - so hopefully we didn't kill it completely.
This is how the tomato looks now:
And the cucumber one:
You know how I love to document progress of things so I am sure there will more pictures as the summer goes along.

This is me, with some veggies later this year, maybe.


RHM said...

Not to be um..pessimistic, but these look like GREAT cat toys.

I hope things grow well for you though.

Rocketgirl said...

Driving throught Wisconsin, I saw one of those things on just about every single back porch. IN a month or two, I'm going o start riading everyone else's back porch for 'maters, too :)

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