Friday, March 20, 2009

I Know You Missed Me

Lest my integrity as a critic be called into question, I have not watched, nor read, any entertainment news during the hiatus, so my review will be as unbiased as it ever is. Because I know you were worried about missing my scintillating commentary on this week's Dancing With The Stars. You're welcome.
  • Holly IS improved from last week, but really, how could she not be? She needs to smooth out some edges though. She and Dimitry are not quite in sync.
  • David looked better in his rehearsal of the salsa (Since when did salsa get put on the list of regulation ballroom dances?) than he did on the floor. He was not as fast on his feet and didn't have as much hip action as is necessary for that dance.
  • Denise's quickstep was not bad, in fact for most of it I really liked it. Maks is right, she IS tense, even her face, which is an odd place to be visibly tense I think.
  • I really want to like Belinda - partly for Jonathan - but her salsa was a little slow. She seemed more relaxed though, which is a good step.
  • I love Ty's new "concentration" face. And I really liked his quickstep. I was worried when he started but then the music kicked in and rocked it. He definitely gets most improved from me. (Was it not a tad premature Sam to ask what dance they are going to do in the dance off FOR LAST PLACE?)
  • I love that Mark has no problem doing the girl's part in demonstration for Shawn, including the full body shiver. I think her salsa hips were not quite in though. She has the steps down already and the face and everything, but her hips are stiff.
  • Steve's quickstep was not overly quick...But he does try and he is very funny and has such a good attitude and enthusiasm about the whole thing.
  • Chuck and Julianne's salsa was hot, but it wasn't a lot of salsa in my opinion. And I hate the pants on her. But I always do, on any of the girls. Dance needs a skirt on at least one of the competitors. Chuck is right though, we ALL know what Bruno wants.
  • Lawrence's quickstep was not as quick as some of the others, but it was pretty - loved Edyta's dress - and his footwork was better than it looked like it would be after the rehearsal footage.
  • Why am I not surprised that Steve-O hurt himself in a tiny little stunt dancing, rather than doing the hugely stupid things he does in his movies. In any case, the dress rehearsal of the salsa did not suck, (is it wrong of me to like the short skirts with the thigh-high stockings?) and I thought it was a good balance of rebel versus regular steps.
  • No matter how good her dance is - and the quickstep was cute - I just can't get into Lil' Kim. She acts well on the dance floor, but as soon as she opens her mouth her real life persona is just too much for me.
  • What still amuses me about Melissa is that they have to introduce her as a star of The Bachelor because she isn't famous for anything else. I thought her salsa was pretty good. Her hands have a tendency to flap when she isn't holding Tony's hands but it was fast and the musicality was very good.
  • Good color scheme for Cheryl and Gilles. Love the green. The music took forever to get to quickstep speed though. That's a little disappointing. It was well done despite that though, I thought.

I will reviewing the first elimination and what seems to be a stupid dance off idea in the next episode, tomorrow. I will confess I am more excited for Big Bad VooDoo Daddy than for the theatrical tactics they use during the elimination show.

This is me, late but still opinionated.

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