Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Driving Ms. O'Grady

I should open a chauffeuring business. Then I could get paid to do what I am doing a lot of these days! But it's for family so it's good. Really good in fact. M2 is here for three weeks! And she brought PIT, Squishy and Rosy naturally. I was all over the place Monday fetching car seats - there are different rules governing child restraint on The Other Side of The World - cleaning - yes I do clean occasionally - and then fetching people from the airport. Early from the airport. What is the world coming to when one can't even count on the immigration people to be inefficient? I know. So inconvenient. But still, that meant more time to spend with the family and that's never bad.
Then yesterday I drove them and all their luggage - I know there's four of them and two are children but if they have any more I'm going to have to rent a U-Haul truck - out to our parents' house which became a whole long visit - again, never bad.
On the way back to The Jungle BHB called and she needs a ride from somewhere about halfway between my house and The Desert next week. Some boy is driving her to his house and I get to pick her up from there and take her home. Then, ATL will be done with finals and work and SHE will need a ride out to our parents.
THEN, when Tarzan is done with school and the Christmas program is over at church, Tarzan and I will be packing up the car, presents and pillows and such, and driving out for the holiday.
AND THEN, I get to do it all in reverse because some people have school before other people and there are jobs and stuff like that to return to.
I am so glad we opted for practical, dependable vehicles rather than flash and shine.

This is me, driving. A lot.


RHM said...

So now there are 'some boys' eh? Sounds like you need to do some serious teasing between the boy's house and the desert eh?

Elizabeth said...

In high school, I was the chauffeur for my friends, my sister, AND her friends, and seemingly all the peoples in between...we were big on giving rides to people, made us feel important...

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