Thursday, December 07, 2006

Jungle Living

There's this preconception that people who live in The Jungle must run into movie stars all the time. I didn't believe it until yesterday when I met Dustin Hoffman (funny story - I'll tell all in a bit) and my sister started tallying up all the celebrities that I've met/seen in my eleven ( years in The Jungle:

  1. Saw Jerry Seinfeld across the aisle when eating at Jerry's Famous Deli (that's ironic what?)
  2. Crossed paths with Mayim Bialik (of Blossom) - she was coming in and we were going out - at The Stinking Rose (too bad it wasn't Joey Lawrence too! :D)
  3. At a benefit for Tarzan's aunt (who was a Rockette and played in the all-girl band from Some Like It Hot) Tarzan nearly fainted when he stepped up to the bar next to Patrick Stewart.
  4. At the same benefit Gregory Peck spoke and we almost got to touch his sleeve as the famous aunt sat at his table.
  5. Bill Cosby spoke at commencement the year before Tarzan graduated and we were inside the library right behind him the whole time.
  6. Rosa Parks spoke the year Tarzan graduated.
  7. The year I graduated Michael Eisner spoke at commencement, Frank O. Gehry spoke at the architecture satellite ceremony and also awarded the diplomas. I have my picture with him.
  8. We passed Christie Brinkely in first class when we left for our honeymoon in Hawaii.
  9. Tarzan almost stepped on Cillian Murphy at the Arclight Theater in Hollywood.
  10. Okay, funny story time: My boss and I had a client meeting in The Upper Jungle at The Coral Tree Cafe. Dustin Hoffman was sitting down the bench from us with an associate. When he got up to get his valet ticket validated (even stars get their tickets valdiated!) he passed our table. On his way back he stopped and offered John (my boss) his hand and said "Richard Meier, right?" (like it was a joke) "Funny that I should remember you but you not remember me..." He gave a general nod at the client and I; John laughed, said "How are you Dustin?", shook his hand and then Dustin went on his way. The client turned to John and asked how he knew Dustin Hoffman. John answered "I don't." Hahahahahaha!! This is even more funny because my boss does NOT like Richard Meier's work at all.

This is me star struck.

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Rocketgirl said...

LOVE the story with your boss!! Silly Dustin. But you forgot my favorite story!! you ahd jury duty with Judge Ito!!! You rock star you!!!

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