Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Food for later thought

Maybe I am really nice...
The phone rang last night and, as to be expected, it was a telemarketer trying to get me to accept another credit card. (I already have two from your company people, what is the deal?) Rather than interrupt and/or hang up on her I listened to the whole spiel and then tried to explain; I already have two cards from your company and I don't use credit cards much anyway, just to keep my credit score active and yes, I have been satisfied with the company and no I really don't care how low the interest rate is, it can't be lower than nothing and finally she hung up on me. Now, when Tarzan answers the phone 1 of 2 things happens. Either he interrupts them with "no, thank you" and hangs up, OR, if he's in a particularly good mood, he sings to them. Seriously; show tunes, or Christmas carols, (which is more peculiar, in, say...April than right now) or hymns. Whatever comes into his head. I always feel bad for the people calling when he answers the phone, and it's worse when they're probably calling from India or something and don't even know what "Mem-ries, all alone in the moonlight..." even means.
And with the homeless people Tarzan says "no" and carries on. I feel like I ought to have a story so it makes sense why I can't help them. I don't carry cash anymore so that I can legitimately say I don't have any.
Maybe it's just a guilt complex...

This is me wondering

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