Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Picture This (#2) - Anniversary #6

At long last - the pictures from the trip we took last month for our sixth anniversary are posted! (Most people would go on a trip for the 5th or 10th but last year Tarzan's bachelor uncle got married and it was a HUGE event! Relatives we hadn't even met before came out for this thing.) But that was last year and this was this year. So we flew to Swampland and picked out our rental car:
Say what you will about the PT Cruiser this was the first convertible we had driven more than once and it was glorious! We spent two days in one city playing around at the Flamingo Gardens (I forgot the camera - duh) and sleeping a lot ;) Then we caught the Carnival Cruise Ship: Fascination:
From the Port we sailed to Tiny Island, Swampland (not that long of a trip true, but not a place we were likely to drive too - have you seen those causeways?) No, that is not my photo. Fooled you huh? Those boat people take a lot of pictures though - every time we left the cabin there were flashes going off. This was as we disembarked the first day:

This is Tarzan in the Blond Giraffe where we ordered fresh key lime pie and ice cream. Mmm, yummy!:We also took a glass bottomed boat tour - me on the way out into the Gulf:

Us on the way back in - tres windblown:Then it was all aboard for Playa del Carmen, Mexico:There were many options for shore excursions, but we chose to tour the Mayan ruins of Tulum. On our way to the gate of the city we saw these guys climbing up a pole. Apparently they sit up there until their compatriot on the ground collects enough money and then they jump off. It's like spiral bungee jumping. They didn't jump while we were watching though: Once inside, there were iguanas everywhere and they were huge!:This is the main temple - at the solstices the sun comes through the opening in the building in the rear and shines directly in the "back door" of the temple - special times for sacrifices and all that:Tulum is special in that it is the only Mayan city built on the ocean. The threat of hurricanes kept all the others inland. It made Tulum one of the easiest cities to defend and is partially why it's in such good condition still. This is us standing in the Atlantic Ocean. (We haven't mastered the art of self photography obvi.) : A really nice French family were visiting also and in exchange for us taking a picture of them together the dad took one of us:Then it was on board for the cruise back to Swampland. So relaxing....I could get very used to having someone make up my room twice a day. When we go to breakfast they make up the bed and when we went to dinner they'd turn down the covers, give us chocolates and make towel animals. It seems we were greatly amused by the towel animals as there are as many pictures of them as there are of us. I give you Tarzan:This is probably the best picture of me from the whole trip (I am NOT photogenic as you can tell from all the other pictures) after laying out by the pool all day: And Tarzan again before we go to the Captain's cocktail party:More flash-flash, this is one of the seven (yes 7!) they took in a single night:

Back on shore we stayed one night in another city, saw the Arabian Nights show - cheesey story line but it was all about the horses anyway and they were very pretty. Again with the cameras:This is the best picture of the arena, and the animal handlers were really impressive:We had a really good time! Despite teasing beforehand the office only called once. The Mayan ruins were awesome, I have like 50 pictures from all angles that I didn't post here, and I can now say I've been out of the country!

This is me and Tarzan crusin'.

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