Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Coolness To The Nth Degree

I feel a little guilty whining so much about what *I* have to do. Other people have more stuff to do than me. It's not as if I design my own Christmas cards or anything like RHM. (Who also sent me this fun exercise to try out.)

Hmm, don't know about the niceness factor there. Am I really nice? Food for later thoughts.
But I digress...

Tarzan is just as busy as I - busier even because he cares more than I do about all the hats he wears - yet he always has time to kiss me and rub my feet. When I came home last night I saw Tarzan had bought a wreath for the front door before he blew back out to go to Boy Scouts. (He's a Scout Master.) And he traded cars with me today so he could get the little red light on my dashboard fixed even though it means he has to take the bus home tonight. In the dark. In the heart of The Jungle.
And then I found out that my super talented rock star sister-in-law (talk about busy people, she has a new baby and lives in Brazil!) has volunteered to play Mannheim Steamroller's Silent Night in our Christmas Eve church program. How cool is she? I LOVE Mannheim Steamroller first of all and second of all she rocks out on the violin! This will be the coolest program ever! Tarzan's brother is going to solo too and his mom wants to do Carol of the Bells. (The whole family's freakishly talented in the music department. Why they associate with me I do not know.)

This is me proud of my super cool relatives.

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Rocketgirl said...

Dang, you gots one awesome hubby! Especially considering this is the same guy that would hit the brakes in the middle of Interstate 70 because he thought it was funny when I'd scream. And oh, on the way the symphony rehearsals, if I was eating mom's stew while he was driving, he's swerve all over the road so it would end up on me. It does my heart good to see that even though he's still a dork, he's a super nice one:)
And no sweat about playing fiddles! Mom told me about playing in your ward and the inner Kuz came out.. we can't help but play in church, mom drummed it into our innards. Heck, my second Sunday here I just showed up with my violin without being asked because no one could play the piano and I knew I'd be smote if I didn't (the Big Guy knows I gotsta serve!) and also... these people have no sense of rhythm of pitch. It HURTS!! I had to add some semblance of normalcy;)
ANYWHO - can't wait to see you!!!! Enjoy getting ready for the holidays and such, and thanks for taking time out to post, you rock!

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