Monday, December 18, 2006

Weekend update

So you see, all the worry was for nothing. Except...that if I hadn't obsessed and worried maybe the Christmas party wouldn't have been so good...perhaps my neurosises (what is the plural of neurosis?) are all for a purpose in the end. As you may have guessed, the church party was a success. Plenty of food (thank you!), people came (also very necessary), no one got bored, the teenagers were great in their Nativity performance, the younger kids behaved. (I've noticed that it isn't usually the child that is the 'problem'.) and there were some faboo creations at the gingerbread house table. So glad it's over though... and then on Sunday they called someone else to be the Activities Chairperson. That was a welcome surprise.
Now all that's left to do (other than finishing personal shopping and cards and baking and all that) is the program next Sunday on Christmas Eve and then a week off! Yay! Rocketgirl comes in on Friday! Double yay!!
My sister and her husband arrived from London Friday night and we delivered them to The Desert where my parents were deliriously happy to see them. M2's so cute at 6 months pregnant with her little basketball tummy. Awww. I am so going to blow up like a balloon when/if it's my turn.
Confession time: I am ashamed to say that I watched Mean Girls on TV a couple of weeks ago. (I know, I know, I'm sorry - I came in the middle and by the time I figured out what it was it was too late...) I admit to it only because early Sunday morning I had a dream in which my imagination was making up completely new scenes for the movie. Same cast and scenes...and I wasn't even in the dream, it's like I was watching the 'director's cut' or something. Totally weird. These dreams will be a supplemental volume to the thesis book my brother-in-law PIT (Psycholigist In Training) will be writing, "My Wife's Psycho Family."

This is me finally able to look forward to Christmas.

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