Monday, December 11, 2006

Jungle Living - Part 2

Oh my gosh, oh my gosh, oh my gosh! I totally forgot to post two other celebrity encounters! (Thanks for reminding me Rocketgirl!) These are like 8a and 8b because they come before the Cillian Murphy encounter but after Christie Brinkley...

  • 8a. I was called for jury duty the first December Tarzan and I were married. I had never been called before and since my boss was paying for ten days I was not as stressed as most other people in the jury selection room. (Nice boss BTW, I didn't appreciate how rare he was at the time; no other employer I have ever had has paid for jury duty.) So I got to talking to this really nice old(er) guy next to me. (Old guys like me, I have a few theories about why, but that's for another day.) He sounded really familiar but I couldn't place him until he told me he was a radio DJ. He was Johnny Hayes! From the oldies station KRTH 101 which I loved. So we fulfilled our jury duty together. It was so much fun. He had a million stories about famous music artists he had interviewed and hung out with. He bought me lunch and then kissed me goodbye at the end of the day. (On the top of my head but still...)
  • 8b. Same day both Johnny and I were called as part of a panel. Up the elevator and into the courtroom, and who should be presiding but Judge Lance Ito of O.J. Simpson trial fame! It was going to be a long case so we had to tell Judge Ito our name, our juror number and how many days our employer was paying for. Johnny and I only had ten days so Judge Ito thanked and excused us.

This is me loving The Jungle

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