Sunday, November 02, 2014

I Am Thankful For Technology

I am thankful for technology. I'm pretty sure I don't use it all the way it was intended and I sure don't spend as much time using it as others do.
But I am thankful that it exists and is available when I need it.
Today being Sunday I am reminded of General Conference, one month ago, when I woke up at 8:58am and remembered the broadcast started at 9.
I would have been in trouble had I needed to drive somewhere to see the program.
But no.
I just rolled over, opened my iPad and voila! Made the opening song and everything.
(Also made it much more convenient to visit the restroom every 20 minutes and not miss a word.) Or go back and listen to the talks a second or third time.
And let's not forget the wireless internet that made the connection possible.
Or the GPS that keeps me from getting lost when visiting a new location, or from a new direction, or at a new time of day, like used to happen ALL THE TIME before I found the wonderful app that has maps for my phone.
There are a lot more uses I know but those are the ones I am thinking of right now.

This is me thankful for technology.

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