Wednesday, November 05, 2014

I Am Thankful For Food

If this seems a little too "well duh," let me assure you, not every person out there is thankful for food.
My second brother, for one. He does not really care too much about the variety and taste and experience that is eating. In fact, if he didn't have to, he wouldn't eat. Ever.
Some people are allergic to foods that make eating a chore rather than an adventure.
I am sympathetic to their plight and at the same time, I am thankful that this is not a challenge of my life.
I love food.
The colors, the sounds, the look, the juices, the textures, the changes when treated different ways.
I am extremely thankful for the many options we are blessed with when it comes to food. Some of it is because we live in a temperate climate and thus have the option of growing more types of food. (When we lived in The Frozen North we were excited for the six weeks in summer when grapes and strawberries we available to be purchased. The rest of the year; they were not even an option, regardless of price.)
Some of it is because we have technology and bigger brains than mine working on how to get more food to more people.
I am thankful for the different cultures that take the same foods and make very different types of meals out of them.
(How many ways are there to serve pig? Close to infinite I think.)
I am thankful for the different spices that exist, and for the talents of others who are able to create combinations I would never think of, but love to consume.
For example: who first decided to drink coconut milk?
And then who added basil and curry to it?
There are so many foods; raw, cooked, frozen (ice cream? one of the best foods ever created), mashed, cut, steamed, stirred, baked, fried (bacon anyone?), wrapped, tossed, boiled, etc.
It's amazing.
This is not to say that I like all food - because I don't.
But I am very thankful for the opportunity to see if I do.

This is me, glad to try it once.


Master P said...

I hate cooking more than anything ever so muuuuuch. But, I love people who were willing to test and invent all the awesomesauce foods I enjoy now. Thank you foodies!!

Cathie said...

I'm thankful for the guy who was like, "Huh, artichoke. I wonder if there's something edible about this monster." Like, that had to have been rough.

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