Thursday, November 06, 2014

38 Weeks 3 Days

To bring you an update on Cheeta and my state of being.
Before we are separated and can't take cute pictures like this:
We are at 38 weeks 3 days now and all is "normal" if such a thing exists in pregnancies.

My total weight gain, depending on the scale and the time of day, is +/- 8lbs.
(Dr. Smartypants says Cheeta weighs in at about 8.25 of that.)
The doctors keep congratulating me on this feat and I tell them it's not about self control, it's about feeling so full all the time that I really don't want to eat and actually feel like I just did eat most of the time, but I don't think they believe me. So I'll take the accolades for now. (If we're blessed with another shot at this, watch me gain 30lbs.)
My blood pressure is still fabulous - so no preeclampsia worries - but because of the kind of health care we get through Tarzan's job, they send me for all the tests they can think of. One of those is a non-stress test twice a week to listen for changes in Cheeta's heartbeat and make sure the placenta is doing it's job.
So far, it is.
Kid is going to be stubborn like me though. If he does not want to move, or is sleeping, none of the nurses' little tricks - cold hands, buzzers, etc. - is going to get him to move. The tests last for 20 minutes or so but they keep us longer if the baby isn't moving a certain amount. One day last week we were having a hard time getting Cheeta's attention and he was decidedly ignoring her until the last 5 minutes and then he ran the whole table in time for us to make the next appointment.
Conversely he's also going to be obedient like his father. The doctors have been warning me since the beginning about how diabetic babies typically grow big and if I go too long I'll have to have a C-section, or induce early so he doesn't get caught coming out blah, blah, blah, but Cheeta hasn't grown big - he may be the smallest baby my family has ever had - and the doctors really have nothing to be critical of. (See weight and blood pressure above.)
I have been fabulously blessed with this pregnancy. So many things could have gone wrong, or been problematic, and haven't.
Things I do not have control over.
And speaking of things I have no control over; when he will actually make an appearance. I have been having contractions but they aren't regular, they aren't painful and therefore aren't helpful. (If you're looking for things to pray for tonight, pray I go into labor soon, so the doctors don't have strokes over how to get me to capitulate to an induction.)
In other news, we finally got the furniture put together for Cheeta's room. He has a place to sleep:
I know, it's not an actual crib, but it is on wheels and according to the nurse education people I'm going to want the baby in our room for a while and it'll be much easier to move this way.
We also have a way to get him home and out for walks:
Other than diapers and clothes - of which we have a few:
Of course, some he'll never fit into, being "newborn" - but what else does a kid need?

This is me and we're as set as we can get without the actual baby.


Danielle said...

So I've been meaning to tell you CONGRATULATIONS!!!! I actually missed the whole you-being-pregnant-thing until like a month ago when our mutual relative/friend mentioned and I was like, "WHAT!?? AWESOME!" That being said, I'm thoroughly impressed with your stats. And I had a friend who leant us that same bassinet pack n play and it was fabulous. Except that Monkey Bug refused to sleep in it so it was mostly used as a changing station. My sis then leant me a rock n' play and that was a little more successful. Mostly he just wanted to sleep on his stomach. Gah.

Master P said...

ALL THE BABY THINGS!!!!!!!! AHHH!!!!!! We didn't have the crib set up when we brought the Dude home because of the move so we used the bassinet/pack-n-play and it was great. We never had a changing table either so the bassinet thing on it was great because it was at a good height. I love seeing all your baby swag!!!!!!!!

Oh, and congrats on the awesome stats. Go your body!!!

Cathie said...

You look so gooood! Also, ain't nothin' wrong with sleeping in the pack n play. Unless you're my baby and will only sleep while held in the loving embrace of your mother's arms. For THREE MONTHS.

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